For over 85 years we have focused our practice on the repair and restoration of fine antique and vintage clocks including wall, mantel, grandfather, tall case, German, French, English and American mechanical clocks.

We specialize in 18th, 19th and early 20th century clocks ranging from the finest, complicated and delicate pieces to massive bell tower clocks and all types in between. We take great pride in conserving and restoring antique timepieces and have all the equipment, experience and passion necessary to do the finest mechanical restoration work available in the horological industry.

Whether you have an antique clock with great sentimental value or have purchased a old timepiece with the intent to pass it down through generations, we have the ability to restore your treasured heirloom to its original splendor. We use the utmost skill and care on every job vowing not to make any unnecessary alterations.

All clock repair work is done on premises in our fully equipped shop by Jay Soemann, master clockmaker and carries a one year warranty unless otherwise noted.